Team achievements

  • Company founded in Spring 2015
  • Atriva founder team are renowned scientist and seasoned business executives
  • Since 10 years the team works together in several anti-viral projects
  • Team was instrumental for Activaero GmbH success (acquired by Vectura for € 130 Mn 2014)


  • Company founded in Spring 2015, founders seed round in early fall 2015
  • Broad IP/PCT portfolio
  • German Innovation award 2013 „Science2Start“ (Bio RegioSTERN)
  • Long track record of pre-clinical investigations


  • Founders seed round successfully closed in early fall 2015
  • Series A round sought to push the initial project ATR-001 from clinical candidate to clinical Proof-of-Concept in less than 4 years from now

Revenue projections and partnering scenarios

Projected retail peak sales of Atriva’s MEK inhibitors could be reached in excess of  € 250Mn  without consideration of pandemic events or additional settings.

The company constantly looks for partnering any time of the development, but most prominently from 2018 onwards , when the lead compound will be in full clinical development.

Typical partners for ATRIVA encompass globally acting pharma companies with a franchise in infectious diseases, but also strongly growing specialty pharma companies with regional international reach, in EU and US, but especially in Asia/Pacific as well.