Advisory Board



Prof. Stephan Ludwig, Ph.D. (Chair)
Universität D-Münster
Co-inventor of the technology, globally renowned expert in influenza virus-cell interactions. Over 150 scientific publications and more than 10 patents.


Emilie Hofstetter
Strategy Consultant
Management experience in Life Science Industry (i.e Baxter). Track record of successful market entries and financing transactions.


Frans van Dalen
Board Member
Project Management, QA/QP, R&D and RA experience of more than 25 years with regard to development of generics, biosimilars and NBEs. More than 25 patents.



Paul Lelieveld
Board Member
Passionate entrepreneur in the field of innovation and building businesses who led investment rounds in several companies, and has invested for among others Wageningen Business Generator and Multifund. Board Member of Xenikos and Chairman of the GHI-Financials.



Frank Hensel
Observer on behalf of Hightech-Gründer-Fonds GmbH
Investment manager with founding and management experience in the Biotech Industry and strong background in the development of monoclonal antibodies for cancer treatment.