Advisory Board

  • Ulrich Dauer, Ph.D. (Chair), CEO of Vivoryon Therapeutics N.V

    Biotechnology entrepreneur and serial executive with long term experience. Former CEO of Ventaleon GmbH and OMEICOS Therapeutics GmbH, founding CEO of 4SC AG, and Chief Strategy Officer at Activaero GmbH. Successfully led critical advances of biotech companies, including IPOs, financial and business transactions, partnerships and assembling clinical pipelines.

  • Prof. Stephan Ludwig, Ph.D., Board Member, Universität D-Münster

    Head of Institute of Molecular Virology at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany. Co-inventor of the technology, globally renowned expert in influenza virus-cell interactions. Over 150 scientific publications and more than 10 patents.

  • Michael Grissinger, Board Member, Board Member of several private and public biotech and pharmaceutical companies

    Senior executive with a proven track-record in key leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on pharmaceutical deal-making, strategy, and business development. Over 20 years at Johnson & Johnson concentrating on global business development and licensing. Before that, at Ciba-Geigy, SmithKline Beckman and Upjohn.

  • Frans van Dalen, Board Member, Director of Meneldor B.V.

    Project Management, QA/QP, R&D and RA experience of more than 25 years regarding global development of generics, biosimilars and NBEs. More than 25 patents. Co-founder of Synthon Inc.

  • Paul Lelieveld, Board Member, Meneldor B.V.

    Passionate entrepreneur in the field of innovation and building businesses who led investment rounds in several companies, and has invested for among others Wageningen Business Generator and Multifund. Board Member of Xenikos and Chairman of the GHI-Financials.

  • Frank Hensel Ph.D., Observer, Hightech-Gründer-Fonds GmbH

    Senior investment manager at Hightech-Gründer-Fonds with founding and management experience in the Biotech Industry and strong background in the development of monoclonal antibodies for cancer treatment.

  • Rudolf Erlemann, Ph.D. Observer, InSymbiosis

    Experienced preclinical drug developer with expertise in broad range of indications
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