ATRIVA aims to develop antiviral medications for different indications and viral infections. The most advanced lead indication is Influenza in patients at risk for developing severe complications due to comorbidities. Please see below a graph showing the current pipeline projects of ATRIVA.



Atriva Pipeline


ATRIVA Antiviral pipeline anticipated progress to 2023


The development and patenting of proprietary dosage forms in conjunction with the already existing IP on usage of MEK inhibitors fighting influenza provides excellent USPs for ATRIVA’s ATR-002 drug candidate.

You may click on each of the projects to get more details once these have been disclosed.

ATR-002 Influenza

ATRIVA’s lead project is treatment of Influenza in patients at risk for developing severe complications due to comorbidities.

The proprietary dosage form of our lead compound ATR-002 is finally developed and in clinical stage.

Clinical development of ATR-002 started in May 2019 with a Phase 1 study in healthy volunteers, ensuring the safety and favorable PK profile of the compound.


A proof-of-principle for the treatment of Influenza with ATR-002 will be established in a subsequent Phase 2 study in patients with acute influenza infection.

Atriva atr002 Pipeline

ATR-005 Bacterial Co-Infection in Influenza

In patients with acute Influenza infection, especially patients with comorbidities, bacterial co-infections play a major role for morbidity and mortality.

Especially bacterial pneumonia occurring shortly after the acute Influenza infection imposes a major threat to patients. Our compound ATR-002 showed promising bacteriostatic properties, next to the antiviral properties, in preclinical models.

The effect on bacterial co-infections will be further evaluated to substantiate the current preclinical findings of bacteriostatic properties of ATR-002 in multi-resistant bacterial strains.

Atriva atr005 Pipeline


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