• Rainer Lichtenberger, Ph.D. MBA

    25 years management in life science Industry, EVP Merckle/ratiopharm group for BD; Since 12 years CEO/COO experience in several SME, raised € 35 Mn venture funds.

  • Christian Wallasch, Ph.D.

    Seasoned executive management member (COO, CEO) in biopharmaceuticals SME, as Axxima and U3, as well as public companies like Intercell/Valneva. Expert in kinase inhibitors, vaccines development, project management and execution.

  • Sebastian Canisius, MD, Ph.D.

    MD with over 10 years experience in clinical development (principal investigator); expert in clinical development of respiratory / infectious diseases.

  • Prof. Oliver Planz, Ph.D.

    Universität D-Tübingen,Co-inventor of the technology, expert in antiviral research und translational preclinical R&D up to clinical studies. Advises the WHO on antiviral strategies against influenza.

  • Henrik Luessen, Ph.D.

    Serial entrepreneur/strategic consultant to SME life science companies. Track record of financing/trade sales of € 200 Mn, closing 200 licensing partnerships.

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