Founded in April 2015, the Atriva Therapeutics GmbH founders team encompasses renowned German virologists and seasoned international business executives. In the past 10 years the founding team has been successfully working together in several anti-viral projects. More recently several team members were instrumental for the success of Activaero GmbH (acquired by Vectura for € 130 Mio in 2014)

An extended founder’s round in late 2015 provided the financial basis for ATRIVA’s start-up and enabled the company to execute the necessary preclinical work on selected lead compounds, namely re-purposed MEK inhibitors for the indication Influenza in high-risk patients.

In 2016 Atriva could attract a group of private Dutch and German investors, led by the Stichting Participatie Atriva, a private foundation constituted according to Dutch laws. Together with Europe’s largest Seed Fund, the German Hightech-Gründerfonds, who joined the round as co-lead investor, and the scientific founders, who substantially contributed to this financing round, an extended seed round in total of € 3 Mio could be closed.

The proceeds of the seed round are dedicated to the preclinical development of Atriva’s lead candidate, the MEK-inhibitor ATR-002 in the indication Influenza in high-risk patients. The key development objectives are an oral treatment regimen of 5 days and start of clinical development of the lead candidate ATR-002 in 2nd half of 2018.




Atriva Investors

Recent milestones:

  • In June 2017, the company achieved an important preclinical milestone - selection of the clinical candidate - leading to the release of the second tranche of the seed financing by the existing investors.
  • In August 2017 a US patent was granted prolonging the global patent protection beyond 2033.
  • In October 2017 a global patent application focusing on the lead compound ATR-002 was filed, with the prospect to extend global patent life of the franchise even beyond 2037. The company enjoys a wealth of 5 global patent families, protecting use and application as well as structural features of its proprietary MEK-inhibitors.
  • In October 2017 a very experienced biopharmaceutical executive, Dr. Christian Wallasch could be attracted to join the management team as COO. In previous tenures Dr. Wallasch acted as senior management member in SMEs, like Axxima Pharmaceuticals AG and public companies like Intercell/Valneva. He is an accomplished expert in kinase inhibitors, vaccine development, project management and project execution.
  • In October 2018, a commercially feasible formulation for ATR-002 was available for use in a clinical study
  • In December 2018, application for a scientific advice prior to starting a Phase 1 study in Belgium was filed with the FAMHP in Belgium
  • In April 2019, the clinical trial application was granted by the FAMHP and ehtical committee in Belgium



Anticipated milestones

Currently, the company is working on a venture round of € 24 Mio. With these proceeds, the clinical proof-of-concept for the lead compound ATR-002 in the indication Influenza in high-risk patients shall be achieved within Q3 2023. The combined clinical phase 2 dose-finding study shall pave the way for a future broad clinical phase 3 program and reflects a major value inflection point for the company. Furthermore, several pipeline projects targeting severe viral diseases of the respiratory tract shall be developed to clinical stage.

Based on the clinical proof-of-concept in the lead indication a transaction for the lead asset ATR-002 is planned for the second half of 2020.

The company and its lead investors are happy to invite new investors joining the syndicate to become a part of this success story at any time!



Revenue projections and partnering scenarios

Projected retail peak sales of Atriva’s MEK inhibitor ATR-002 in the indication “Influenza in high-risk patients”, as per-oral treatment regime over 5 days could be in excess of € 600 Mio without considering pandemic events or additional indications.

The projection is based on the following Unique Selling Points of ATR-002:

  • No risk of resistance formation since no virus structures are tackled
  • Prolonged therapeutic activity up to 4 days post infection
  • Therapeutic activity against circulating and emerging influenza strains
  • MEK Inhibitors are active against hantavirus infections

Based of an annual market potential estimate in excess of € 3 Bn (2016) for prophylactic and therapeutics medicines fighting influenza, and assuming a market share of 20% in 5 years after launch, the estimated annual market potential could be in excess of € 3 Bn.

The company is open for partnering opportunities at any time, but most prominently from 2018 onwards, when the lead compound will enter clinical development.

Potential partners for ATRIVA encompass globally acting pharma companies with a franchise in infectious diseases. But also strongly growing specialty pharma companies with regional international reach, in EU and US, Asia and Pacific will be attractive targets.



For detail and further readings:

Keener 2017; Host with the most: Targeting host cells instead of pathogens to fight infectious disease. Nat Med 23(5):528-531.


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